"Do this in remembrance of Me."

Remembrance.... How do you remember? The Lord's Supper, Communion, the Sacraments? Taken by many, in many different ways, in many different denominations, in very expensive ornate cathedrals, in small wooden country churches, and even out in nature in no building at all. However, communion is taken, each time it is always by "the church", a body of believers. How do you remember, how is it special, or do you take communion with the busyness of life on your mind? How do you remember? Just wine and bread, or a body broken and a blood sacrifice? Do you remember the sin of the night before and ask forgiveness and mean it? Do you just do the ritual with plans to continue doing what you want, with no thought of the sacrifice of Jesus' blood for your own desires that become sin? How do you remember? "Do this in remembrance of me."

Luke 24:34 - Jesus said, "Father forgive these people, because they don't know what they do."
(Spoken by Jesus while He was on the cross.)

How do you remember?
Father, forgive us for not remembering!

Creating for Him,
Sheree Moates