Sermon Notes

Below are prints of word drawings created by Sheree from her personal journal as she takes notes during sermons, thus the title "Sermon Notes".  They are available for sale with either a black or white matt and packaged in clear plastic.  Please use our contact page for ordering.

True Worship
Most High Throne
Holy Surrender

"True Worship" © - Matthew 2:10-11
7x5 - $12.00

True worship ... the Holy One


"Most High Throne" © - Psalm 45:6
7x5 - $12.00

King of Kings
Lord of Lords

"Holy Surrender" © - Psalm 51
7x5- $12.00

Sweetly Broken
Holy Surrendered
Communion Restored

Consume Me

"Consume Me" ©
5x7 - $12.00

Consume me God
until there is nothing left of me ...
only You remain

"Storm" © - Acts 27:13-44
8x10 -$18.00

In a Storm
Do not be Afraid
Trust the storm deliverer.

Heart of Salvation

"Heart of Salvation" ©
8x10 -$18.00

Love from the Heart

"Praise" © - Acts 16:16-40
8x10 -$18.00

Never discount the Power of Praise!
After a severe beating Paul & Silas
prayed and sang and the outcome was miraculous.

Need some miraculous?
Maybe Praise is the order of the day.