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Paid in Full

This painting illustrates a choice each one of us has to make. Where does your life fit into the symbols represented in this painting?

THE COINS--betrayal money—Have you betrayed God? Have you not spoken out when you should have? Have you not ever known Him but you tell others, “Oh yes, I’m a Christian!”? Do your actions speak louder than your words? (BETRAYAL!! BETRAYAL!!)

THE HAMMER—Are you beaten down? Has Satan used a hammer of past failures or temptations to beat you down? Is he trying to put you out of commission like he tried to do to Jesus? Is he succeeding in hammering you down under your weight of failures or unconfessed sins?

THE DICE—Hidden under the cloth—The soldiers did not care that His clothing was the clothing of a King. They had no thought for the person, only His possessions. Are you at a time of apathy, you just don’t care what the King of Kings can do for you or has done for you. Or are you more concerned for what He (THE KING OF ALL TIMES) can give you in the way of prosperity & possessions?

THE NAIL—The nail broke His flesh and caused the blood to be spilled. The blood in the Old Testament was spilled for the forgiveness of sin of the people from a sacrificial lamb. Now Jesus is the final sacrifice! There is no other and will never be another sacrifice for your sin. Will your pride keep you from accepting this forgiveness. This free gift!

THE PURPLE CLOTH—Purple is a sign of royalty. Do you want to live in poverty? Wouldn’t you rather live in the palace instead of a pig pen? To live forgiven and free, or in sin and guilt? Royalty-- a child of the King of the universe or a child of Satan, the destroyer of lives.

THE LARGE CROSS—A choice—Jesus never gave up on us. Despite our every imperfection, every sin, He never changed His mind from His choice to save us. He allowed himself to hang on this cross. He chose us!!! He loved us more than words can explain.

THE BLOOD DROPS—Our sins are as red as scarlet. But we can be white and pure by accepting what Jesus did for us. His blood covers our sins when we believe that He died for our sin debt. We owe too much, but with His blood He writes across our bill of sin—PAID IN FULL!

THE TWO CROSSES—One is closer to Jesus’ cross than the other. One of the thieves who hung next to Jesus that day believed Jesus was the salvation of the world—the thief’s salvation! He made a choice to receive Jesus as his Lord. However, the cross in the distance is the other thief that hung next to Jesus, who denied who Jesus was. He said no, I don’t believe, but instead wanted Jesus to do some miracle to save his body but not his soul.

Where are you??? A choice has to be made. You either accept Jesus as the one who can save your soul, or reject Jesus and die with your soul belonging to Satan and spending eternity in hell. Which will it be? Life or Death? Is your pride standing in the way of the most important decision you will make in this life for your future in Heaven? It is your choice! Don’t be left hanging on the cross in the distance. Make the choice to come to Jesus and have your debt PAID IN FULL!!!

Creating for Him,
Sheree Moates