The Artist

Sheree has taught children's art for over 20 years.  Stemming from those children's classes here is her first children's book, "Imagination Where Are You?"

Imagination Where Are You?

To parents, grandparents and teachers:

In our world of technology, our imaginations get lost and sometimes replaced.  Please use this simple little story to help your children reach, search, and use their imaginations.  Creativity is a wonderful part of each one of us and can spark and encourage children to try new things.  Let 'Imagination' help your children and students begin to look for their imaginations.

This charming story stems from so many children's art questions over the years.  Thus the purpose of the first book is to help children realize imagination is important to find - to slow down and let their imaginations create in areas in which they are gifted.

(Watch for the next creative journey of Sweetpea and 'Imagination')